Software Downloads:


This is a portable SBML high performance simulation library that can run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and cluster based systems. libRoadRunner uses the LLVM as the backend to compile SBML models to machine code resulting is performance equivalent to compiled C code. Documentation and downloads can be obtained here


Tellurium is our Python based framework that brings together a number of libraries of interest to systems and synthetic biologists.  Tellurium uses spyder2 IDE to host the libraries, giving a Matlab like experience. For notebook fans, a Jupyter IDE will be released in 2017. Tellurium combines a number of existing libraries, including libSBMLlibRoadRunner (including libStruct), libAntimony, and is extensible via Plugins. In addition other tools kits such as matplotlib and NumPy are used to provide additional analysis and plotting support. On Windows, Tellurium comes with pip, so you can easily pip install package whenever you need a third-party package.

You can download Tellurium for different platforms from


pathwayDesigner is our visual modeling tool that allows users to draw pathways on screen and then model them. You can download a Windows version from